Fox and Hound Sports Tavern in Carmel goes smoke-free


The Fox and Hound Sports Tavern located at 14490 Lowes Way in Carmel has become a smoke-free bar. Guests who wish to smoke will still be able to smoke on the outdoor patio.

Guests also can munch on new food like the new Rings and Wings Tower that has eight hand battered onion rings atop a plate of Chicken Wings; the Barnyard Burger – an Angus burger topped with bacon, cheese, and a sunny-side up fried egg; the Ultimate Burger – a stuffed burger with Angus beef and Chorizo Sausage packed with a mix of guacamole, jalapenos, and cheese, finished with two hand battered onion rings; and more. Guests can also find new cocktail concoctions that are built especially for the local tastes in Carmel.