Enjoying the local food spots


By Dan Domsic

I may be a busy guy on the go, but when I get a chance, I enjoy sitting down for a good bite to eat.

Hailing from Lake County, I grew up with a lack of options in terms of meals from local proprietors. In good old Griffith, Ind. there were a few options for local grub, but I think I left town most of the time for that, and even then, that was for something like a steak or for great chicken. Thankfully, a few new places have sprung up, with the sleepy little town’s first microbrewery on its way.

The only real culture shock I had in moving to Indianapolis was the amount of local culture and food and drink to absorb. It still amazes me that our little patch of civilization has all the options that it does.

Running around in Fishers, I hardly get the time to stop in at my favorite places for a bite, outside of Hearthstone, which anyone that recognizes me there will tell you I almost always order a ham and cheese Panini or boneless wings.

On later nights that require me being behind a computer, I order up Greek’s. While the business has grown from roots outside of the town and has become big, I still feel it fits that local niche quite well. I’m sad to say I haven’t been to Sahm’s or The Roost enough, but that will change.

I enjoy seeing local people flourish. It’s these folks that put in a lot of hard work. That’s evident in this week’s story on Pat’s Philly Pretzels, located inside Fishers Town Center.

I first became acquainted with Pat’s, though not directly, reading a little bit about the business. I’m happy to see that there are now three locations to gobble up the goodness that is a pretzel straight out of Philly.

It’s great seeing the local people succeed.

We all need places to eat, drink and be merry, right?