Take another shot



In regard to the gun store and shooting range being planned in Carmel, the Current needs to “take another shot.”

This is another glaring example of the media abusing their platform. A bias against any legitimate business is no reason to slander that business in a public forum. The innuendo toward death (the funeral home comment) is outrageous and has nothing to do with the business or the misguided conversation. If a bar was opening in that location, would the Current have this outcry? Never mind that alcohol abuse causes astronomically more deaths and is not exactly “family friendly.” And never mind that past columns in the Current discussing female sexuality, trashy novels and pro-divorce are not exactly “family friendly” either.

Regarding citizens “packing heat,” it is oblivious to the ignorant that Indiana has “Right to Carry” laws; therefore, it is unknown who is exactly “packing heat” where. Furthermore, a previous article in the July 16 edition of the Current highlighted superior wall thickness and soundproofing in the construction details of the building, so why is it now determined there will be noise and safety problems? Is this “taking a shot in the dark?”

The Current exposes itself as just another example of the media bully pulpit. If a private sector business activity is lawful and complies with zoning, it does not deserve to have inaccurate and ambiguous editorials disgracing it. The Current and other Westfield/Carmel publications slobber over the frivolous construction of public projects (Palladium, Grand Park, Westfield “identity towers,” etc.) that will eventually be funded by increased taxes and land annexations. The Current needs to “take another shot” at addressing real public issues: Impending fiscal deficits caused by arrogant self-serving mayors and city councilors who will be long gone when the bills come due.

Vince Catanese