A monumental meeting


By Dan Domsic

In the corner of the room sat the only two reporters that would be around to witness one of the most informative meetings held so far this year.

The Hamilton Southeastern School Board and the Fishers Town Council, and some of their respective staff members, met for a strategic planning July 10, and, by far, it was one of the more productive public meetings I’ve been to in quite some time.

Both groups came to the table to take care of business, and while there were some derailments, they didn’t waste much time to do so. When it comes to this type of meeting, going over the schedule by about a half hour isn’t too terrible.

To start the meeting off, Town Manager Scott Fadness delved into the details behind the mayoral election moving up to 2014 (the primary being in May), and then told everyone the town is pursuing having the mayor’s and city council’s first terms last five years to avoid starting the process over again one year after the election.

That was just the first few minutes of the meeting. Many of the items that followed that doozey were solid pieces of news.

It was the type of story that you had to really figure out what were the big items and work your way through the list. That was a conversation that independent news blogger and Current columnist Larry Lannan and I had right after the meeting.

One of the topics that didn’t make the cut for the first round of coverage is the construction and implementation of new security measures at the entryways of many of the schools. That piece of news was something I was already looking into, and it spilled into this week’s HSE roundup. I’m sure I’ll be going back and referencing this meeting for other issues, as well.

Overall, I enjoyed being a fly on the wall at this meeting. Now, if only every meeting could be that productive.

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