Design on a dime


Nikki Blaine

Who would have thought Goodwill would be so fashionably chic? Well, it’s true what they say, “Someone’s trash is another person’s treasure.” Case in point for Susan Danner with that amazing 100-percent Goodwill decorated home from the Carol of Homes Holiday Tour on Walnut Street. That house was simply amazing, and it was the talk of the town.

Now, enough about home décor, let’s talk fashion. Ever wonder where people get those fabulous distressed bleach dyed denim jeans? Well, with my help, you’ll have them in no time, and you won’t have to pay a ridiculous price! This is a DIY project.

You will need:

  • Jeans or anything denim (go through your closet or Goodwill)
  • Bleach
  • Box cutter (optional)
  • Bucket with water
  • Rubber bands or hair ties.
  • Rubber gloves

The distressed look is optional – if you desire the look, you will need the box cutter.  First, you will need to lay the jeans flat, and make horizontal cuts in the fabric wherever you want the look. Then, with your bucket of lukewarm/hot water, you will soak your jeans first; wring them out; and then twist and tie the jeans with the bands/ties where you don’t want bleach to get on them.

Next, add bleach to the water, about half the bottle, and fully submerge the banded jeans in the bleach and water.

Make sure you protect your skin by wearing rubber gloves as well. After you have submerged your jeans, you will want to check on them periodically. You can turn them over and see how you like the results. If it’s not the desired result, continue to submerge the denim and rework the steps. This can take about one to three hours depending on the fabric contents.

Once satisfied, take jeans out of the water, and rinse thoroughly. You will then want to dump the bucket and fill it with cold water. Then, submerge the jeans back under water. While under the water, cut off all of the rubber bands and soak the jeans for a few minutes. Take them out and squeeze all the water out. Wash the jeans one to two times in cold water to get rid of the bleach smell and hang to dry.

Perfecto! Did you think it would so easy? So, now that you know the secret of designing on a dime, I am your Glam Chic Gal signing off until next time!