‘Old-school’ pizzeria opens


By Mandi Cheesman

CIC-Greeks 2

Greek’s Pizzeria is now serving its “old-school style” pizza in Carmel.

On May 19, owners Mark Milam, Brett Tipton, Josh Trisler, Charlie Koeppen and Jon Michael Wright opened their second Greek’s Pizzeria at 120 E. Main St. The foursome’s first Greek’s is in Noblesville at 216 S. 10th St.

“No one will be able to touch us when it comes to pizza,” Milam said when asked what differentiates him from the other pizza parlors that dot the city. “We are definitely different from the chains because we are mom-and-pop-type pizza.”

Although Greek’s Pizzeria is a franchise that was founded in 1969 by franchisor Athanasios Chris Karamesines when he was only 17-years-old and now includes 14 Indiana locations, Milam explained that each franchisee is in their stores everyday “actually making dough and slicing ingredients. We don’t just call in for sales figures at the end of the day.”

The old-school pizzeria is best known for its fresh-baked garlic butter breadsticks, but its menu includes everything from the “old-school pizzas” to sandwiches, pasta and salads.

“And we never charge a delivery fee,” Milam said. “We deliver anywhere in Carmel.”

The restaurant also includes a dine-in area, carry-out and $5 lunch specials.

Greek’s opens each day at 11 a.m., but Milam said he was still trying to establish the pizzeria’s set hours.

“It’s still early, and we are still trying to get a feel for what hours will work best at this location,” he said. “But we are definitely open everyday at 11 a.m.”