None too soon, it’s off to market!


May 18 will bring a momentous morning to Carmel with another edition of the Carmel Farmers Market, which that day will lift the curtain on its 2013 outdoor season. Hours are 8 a.m. to 11:30 a.m., and the weekly event runs through Oct. 5. Sixty-five vendors under the direction of market chief Ron Carter and his legions of volunteers will have fresh and creative offerings once again. (Can you tell we’re excited?) There will be plenty to eat, sip and sniff as the booths once again will be open for business.

The location is Center Green, right between the Palladium and the Booth Tarkington Theatre on the campus of the Center for the Performing Arts. The Monon Trail is just to the east, which makes it a viable option for walkers, runners and cycling enthusiasts. There will be live entertainment. Eventually, it will be a purchase point for Spark Buttons, the sale of which supports the greatest fireworks show in Indiana each July 4 at CarmelFest.

Plenty of parking is available in the garage to the south of the Tarkington, and there will be a secure bike corral, staffed by members of the Mayor’s Youth Council, each week. For more information, please visit, but, just as important, please visit the market itself. And then return. If you’ve never been, it really is a terrific slice of Americana.

* * *

We tweeted and posted galore, but we still believe we owe you an explanation as to why last week’s paper wasn’t delivered until Tuesday. We rely on vendors, and when communication between them isn’t up to snuff, there is a lot of, shall we say, static. All that has been resolved now. We’re sorry you had to wait for delivery, but we hope you enjoyed the edition, especially the Center for the Performing Arts’ 2013-2014 schedule.