Common Council

Mike Hendricks

Mike Hendricks

Action: Amend ordinance setting salaries for appointed officials and employees

What it means: Michael Hendricks’ title will change from administrative officer to deputy mayor, which Mayor John Ditslear said was a more appropriate term for Hendricks’ job and responsibilities. The title change does not have an adjustment of salary.

What’s next: The ordinance amendment voting will take place at the next meeting on May 14.


Action: Grant waiver to the placement of a ground sign for SMC

What it means: SMC Corp. of America wants to place a ground sign along 146th Street but must be granted three waivers because the sign exceeds size, maximum square footage and location. The Noblesville Plan Commission approved the waiver before the council. The sign will be the only ground sign on 258 acres and will be solar powered.

What’s next: The waiver was approved 7-0.


COM-Charticle Zoning MapAction: Amend ordinance updating the zoning maps

What it means: The planning department is updating and simplifying the city’s zoning maps. Planning Director Christy Langley said the map will illustrate all planning developments and provide the official zoning designation. The city is integrating Flex Viewer (similar to the software used by Hamilton County), which will provide zoning designations and guidelines for parcels across Noblesville. “It’ll make it up to date and user-friendly,” Langley said.

What’s next: The ordinance amendment voting will take place on May 14.


Action: Resolution amending Noblesville’s alternative transportation plan

What it means: Parks Director Don Seal, on behalf of the park and recreation board, is seeking 12 trail amendments to the Noblesville People Trails 2012. Seal said a majority of the amendments are predicated on the change of Union Chapel Road. Noblesville now has close to 100 miles of trails. When the plan was started in 1996, the city had 30 miles.

What’s next: The resolution was approved 7-0.


Action: Naming a member to the façade grant review committee

What it means: Renee Oldham was selected by the common council to the Noblesville façade grant review committee. Oldham is the executive director of Noblesville Main Street. The City of Noblesville’s Facade Improvement Grant Program is designed to stimulate downtown investment, maintain and expand the economic contribution of the Central Business District, promote architectural appreciation and initiate aesthetic improvements in downtown Noblesville.

What’s next: The committee works with city’s economic development department and Oldham will join the five-member review committee to approve funding.