Appreciated cover story


Dear Editor,

I appreciated your article recently (“Changing Streetscapes” from April 9).  We came from a community where the square of our Town was dominated by a dime store. When big box stores drove the local dime store out, the previous owners left their large boarded up store front empty for decades to prove a point to the community. It took 20 years for the council and chamber to finally remedy the situation, by condemning it, upgrading the square park and fountain and revitalizing the downtown with vibrant street art and Friday festivals for kids/mom’s every week, with the support of Lions/Optimist/Womens Auxilliary/Jaycees etc… the PBnJ Fridays really bring purpose to the shops and village of Highland. Ill.

I see a very similar feel in Zionsville. As a bedroom community to Indy, it too has all the workings of a village and intimate feel of philanthropic activity. Kudos to chamber and town council for invoking this town feel, so close to the ‘city.’

I do have an observation, and hoped you might be able to voice it to others. Bub’s is a great addition to village, but its location will be very disruptive to the N/S corridor of Zionsville Road. Has there been any plans to move the egress of the parking lot away from the 106th Street turn lane for visitors approaching from 106th Street or South Zionsville? Also, what options were there to make the Bub’s location parking and promoting the business to be located within the “brick street” address?

Seems to be a problem with zoning and maintaining the focus of the village. If town leaders don’t curb and direct development, it could really destroy the features that make the Brick Street so appealing.

New Guy,

Rodney L. Miller