Bryan Brackemyre named Executive Director of Boone County EDC


PeopleBrackemyreOn April 1, Bryan Brackemyre became the new director of the Boone County Economic Development Corp. Brackemyre joined the EDC in 2009 and has been acting as the interim director since his predecessor, Dax Norton, was named the executive director of the Indiana Office of Community and Rural Affairs in January.

“My role is to increase the assessed value of all of our communities in Boone County. The Boone EDC will continue to be active in attracting new investment to Boone County in business recruitment and retention,” Brackemyre said. “We will take more of an aggressive role in small business and entrepreneurial development working with the Kauffman Foundation and other entities to provide resources for our small business community. The Boone EDC will also be an advocate for infrastructure improvements and developments that will enhance our already high quality of life in Boone County.”