Better off reading National Enquirer



As a recent resident of Carmel, I have been impressed with your paper. While I may not agree with anyone’s opinion, I do appreciate a view which isn’t skewed with liberal dribble (i.e. AP). I was very disappointed that you published some querulous codger’s (David Meisenhelder) virulent verbiage. His assailable vulgarity labeling (Danielle Wilson’s) column as immature is followed by toxic tantrums.

He is so lost in the sauce he doesn’t know a commentary is just that. One person’s view. He found fault with Mrs. Wilson’s article not being humorous when it wasn’t supposed to be. He admits not knowing her intention, but quickly offers his malicious misperceptions. By butchering the language six ways from Sunday, he leads the reader with deceit. Mrs. Wilson did not name anyone, therefore did not humiliate anyone! Moreover, words cannot castigate anyone. Proper behavior (sportsmanship) is exactly why normal people enroll children in sports. His closing remarks seemingly cement his self-righteous discourse. While they only make one aware how many people he is infecting with such insidious insights. If the paper doesn’t publicly apologize for such smut as Meisenhelder’s vindictive response then we’re better off reading the National Enquirer.

Per Scientiam Progredimur,