Embrace adult exercising


By Coach Kim Rockey

Are you approaching your 40s or 50s? And let’s say you didn’t participate in sports in your younger days and are now interested in starting exercise to lose weight, gain energy, feel better, etc.?

While Boot Camp and P90X might not be for you, there is an ideal exercise program and fitness track designed for you. First consider:

  • Be sensible when starting to exercise; common sense rules while listening to your body and realistically recognizing your limitations.
  • Set some goals and be intentional about them; hint: healthy eating matters – a lot.
  • Get an exercise “prescription” that fits what you require to be productive and meets you where you are at physically, professionally, emotionally, and financially.

Guess what?  Your body has muscle memory.  And while you probably weren’t an Olympian in your youth, your muscle memory “knows” your best level of fitness and how to get there. The key is to simply gain a level of confidence and competence in your exercise programming to ensure you are performing at the appropriate level to meet your goals. One key element to keep in mind – manage your expectations. Realize the power behind knowing that even small improvements are critical.

Most adults find meeting the demands of everyday living play a big role in adult athletic development. Honestly ask yourself whether you are able to meet these demands with ease, or are you feeling tired, stagnant and slothful.

If you don’t address your health status issues now, how will you take care of yourself or others inside your family or on your job? What will you feel like in five, 10 or 15 years? You have a choice – embrace adult athletic develop now to find the right balance for you later.