Musicians and lemons equal sweet success



Hamilton County Leadership Academy students John Hughey and Chris Lewis recently decided to help young musicians in Hamilton County learn what it takes to be an entrepreneur.

Working in the arts, Hughey, director of external relations for the Center for the Performing Arts, and Lewis, the director of education for CFTPA, decided to create a Team Entrepreneur project that will help young musicians market themselves.

The Hamilton County Leadership Academy is a year-long leadership development program that identifies and prepares informed leaders for the community. To graduate from the HCLA, students break into small groups to come up with a project that will help people in the community.

“We would encounter kids who wanted to know, ‘How can I perform?’” Lewis said.

Hughey and Lewis decided to use their project to help answer that question.

To do so, the duo decided to partner with the local Hamilton County Lemonade Day to help teens have a better understanding of how to become an entrepreneur. Lemonade Day is a nationwide event that helps young people discover the skills it takes to be a successful entrepreneur by running a lemonade stand. Hughey and Lewis decided to adopt the same ideas as Lemonade Day but have students sell their talents instead of lemonade.



“We decided to adopt the same tools Lemonade Day uses,” Lewis said. “We will show teens how to create a budget, market themselves on social media and teach them how to find clients.”

Hughey and Lewis also decided to involve Guerin Catholic High School’s sports and marketing class. Students who are taking the marketing class have to create a market plan to promote and publicize the musical lemonade stands.

On May 18 from 1 to 3 p.m., students will get the opportunity to share their talents with the public when the Palladium opens the doors. The public is free to watch and pay the young musicians while enjoying a refreshing cup of lemonade. The event will include three soloist and two ensembles.

For more information about the HCLA, visit or call 379-1879. For more information about Lemonade Day, go to