Attempt to explore


By Zeba Kokan, Youth President
Riverview Hospital Medical Explorer Program – Post 136


“What would you attempt if you could not fail?” This quote always lingers on the back of my mind. I think to myself, what would I attempt if I could not fail? Would I try out for a team, I have no chance of making, make a bold statement trying to prove my value to this world. You see, these are what I would call childish goals. Now here are my big attempts: make a device that can let people experience one’s memories, without having the hassle of trying to explain certain situations. Start a new organization on an issue that I deeply believe in, or to simply write a column for my local newspaper. These above are just simple thoughts that a 13-year-old girl can come up with in a 30 min span of daydreaming. But what can I seriously do to have an effect in my world, community and life.

From a very young age, I genuinely wanted to become a doctor; I decided this when I saw my brilliant grandma suffering from Alzheimer’s. At the start of my eighth-grade year, I was flipping through Current in Carmel when I saw the ad for the Medical Explorers program at Riverview Hospital in Noblesville. Medical Explorers is a program that allows students to learn and experience various medical careers in the hospital and the different department they can work in. This would be a great opportunity to experience the medical environment. From the very first meeting, I was amazed and intrigued by the whole atmosphere of Riverview hospital. The program hosts’, Ms. Nancy Chance and Mr. Ron Wilson, warm and welcoming personality perked up everyone’s attention. They gave anecdote after anecdote about different experiences of past kids and where they ended up in life.

The adventure of the Medical Explorers consists of touring: radiation oncology, OB, infant incubation facility, clinical labs, surgery rooms, oncology chemotherapy equipment, pharmacy, labor rooms and the mortuary. Every speaker who came in to talk about their profession had passion glowing from their face. I found the career talks very interesting and beneficial. At the end of the 2012-2013 program sessions, I was elected president for the next year’s Explorer Program (2013-2014). I’m so thankful to the Riverview program staff for their wonderful help. You never know what you can truly achieve unless you put your best foot forward and attempt to explore the wonders of this world, starting from your own backyard in Hamilton County.

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