Time to volunteer for CarmelFest


If there is one reoccurring theme I hear during my winter life in Carmel, it is the often repeated comment, “I really should do something to help out at CarmelFest next year.”  News Flash!  Next year is here, arrived, right around the corner, and I hear your request and wish to help you comply.

The CarmelFest Organizing Committee sponsored by the Rotary Club of Carmel is already hard at work planning, plotting and dreaming. It takes more than 400 volunteers to successfully pull off the largest single annual event which takes place every July 3 and 4. Volunteer Coordinator Sally Bauer is actively recruiting volunteers for variable length shifts at www.CarmelFest.net – click the volunteer tab. There you can register and define what types of volunteer effort you think best suits you.

Spark Buttons are a primary fundraiser to support the spectacular My107.9 Fireworks at CarmelFest Launched by Firestone. They come in either an unlighted version for $3 or lighted for $6. Both versions contain thousands of dollars of coupons (slight exaggeration) which ultimately means Spark Button owners make money. Anyway, the Spark Button Committee led by Jack Badger is looking to increase its ranks. Specifically, he needs help preparing lighted and unlighted buttons for sale by matching some 20 different merchant coupons in a plastic bag with each button. The project can easily be completed in a couple of afternoons. Once packed, he needs help selling the fundraising miracles at Carmel Farmers Market and Wednesday Gazebo Concerts. Or, if you can take 25 or 50 buttons to your soccer team, girl scout troop, work or PTO meeting and convince your friends how important Spark Buttons are to the success of CarmeFest, you will be a volunteer hero. Let Jack know if you can help in any of these areas via email: Jackcarmel@indy.rr.com.

I am looking to expand our administrative volunteer team. I need an individual who is willing to help organize meetings, return phone calls, manage correspondence and be on site during CarmelFest to staff the Command Center during peak hours. If you are detail oriented and interested in the behind the scenes activities, send me an email at Jworrell@advantagemedical.com.

2013 marks the 25th year for CarmelFest. I am told more and more Carmel families are canceling traditional trips to the lake during the July 4th holiday because CarmelFest has exceeded anyone’s imagination of a great hometown tradition. Stay in town this year and wave your flag with the rest of us.