Not reassured on redevelopment


Thank you for your article In Current on the recent meeting about Fishers redevelopment. What you did not mention was that although this was an open meeting it was not widely advertised. It was called with less than a week’s notice, and essentially the only people who knew about were those who were already connected to the Town’s electronic system. I wonder exactly what percentage of the population of Fishers is connected.
The officials at that meeting claimed they were open to discussing their ideas, but in fact their responses to a question from a member of the Town Council regarding outreach showed they had no idea what constituted community outreach and they have not advertised any other future meetings, even though they claimed there would be further ones.
If articles, like yours, do not indicate that the community’s ideas are being sought, how do we know we have options? One gets the feeling that plans (like those for the new building outside the post office) are being presented to the public as a done deal, rather the as a real collaborative process.
The plan they put forward has many laudable aspects, but how does it fit with other plans for developments in other areas within Fishers? How does it fit with plans for the Town Hall itself and with the City’s new court? What are the financial ramifications for us? Building spaces for offices, when there are already unused spaces, and restaurants (when we already have nothing but chains) is not reassuring.
Clara Kaplatt