Bang for your buck


I’ve spent a lot of time asking town organizers what their plans are in 2013.

Now that I’ve chatted with town officials and so forth, I want to know what you, the Fishers residents, are expecting from your government in 2013.

Fishers is a huge community with a lot of resources at its disposal. Everyone knows how insane the growth has been in the past, and it seems, at least with the schools, it’s been a battle to accommodate the hustle and bustle.

Even with its 80,000-plus residents, there are parts of Fishers that still seem like the country, with trees, not development, lining the major thoroughfares. It still has a peaceful feeling in some areas.

The town continues on major projects. Road work rolls forward. Economic development deals are pursued.

My question for Fishers residents is simply this: Do you feel that your tax dollars are being spent wisely?

I’m from a small, sleepy bedroom community that is a quarter of Fishers’ size. Even when I lived there on a consistent basis, I rarely saw major projects going on.

Fishers has the coffers to do big things – but do you think they’re necessary – the revitalized downtown, the exit at 106th Street and more? The new exit alone costs the town $8 million.

I’m not asking you to be solely critical. I’m asking because I want to hear a variety of perspectives.

I recently had one reader write to me because at a recent open house for downtown redevelopment, there were residents, as well as one town councilor, upset that the event was not advertised well – leaving a feeling that the town isn’t really looking for input from the average taxpayer. To be fair, town officials would disagree.

When I wrote the story, I felt the important points of the meeting were covered and that I got what I was looking for – perspective from residents. When space is at a premium, I have to make decisions about which details to include in each story, and that was one detail that didn’t make it in the story. That was the kind of extra perspective I’m looking for.

Send me a response to my questions, and I’ll run it as a letter-to-the-editor or even in this column, if space allows. Better yet, visit me at my coffee hours on Tuesday at Hearthstone Coffee House & Pub from 3 to 5 p.m.