Duke Energy donates $20,000 to Good Samaritan Network


Duke Energy donated $20,000 to Hamilton County’s Good Samaritan Network to help county residents in need.

“Good Samaritan provides life-changing help in our community,” Duke Energy District Manager Mark LaBarr said. “It’s a strong, supportive network that assisted nearly 19,000 Hamilton County families last year.”

Good Samaritan is a far-reaching network of 32 Hamilton County food pantries and 64 social service agencies that work with township trustees to coordinate and deliver help to families and individuals. The network offers aid such as food donations, help with buying medication, emergency car repairs, and assistance with rent, mortgage and utility payments. Good Samaritan also offers classes in life skills, such as parenting and nutrition.

“During a troubled economy, private and corporate donors make it possible for us to help people during difficult periods of their lives,” Nancy Chance, executive director of Good Samaritan, said. “We thank Duke Energy for answering our call when funds were needed.”