Recapping a handful of happenings at Nov. 26 meeting


What happened: The board approved the consent agenda including certified and support staff reports.

What it means: The school system added or approved staff. Included in the hires are Lisa Lederach and Gary Zgunda. Lederach is replacing Stephane Bordelon as principle of Cumberland Road Elementary School. Zgunda was brought back into the system as assistant director of human resources and student services. He held the same position with the school system in the past before cuts were made, according to Superintendent Brian Smith.

What happened: Jerome McKibben, Ph.D., of McKibben Demographic Research, provided population and enrollment forecasts from 2013 to 2022.

What it means: McKibben gave a presentation to the board on demographic forecasts for the next decade. His study is based on 16 assumptions about society based on economics and societal and district trends. If those assumptions hold true, his forecasts should hold water. In his presentation he outlined how turnover (mortality) and the exodus of young people are impacting enrollment numbers, as well as those that move to Fishers. Fertility rates also were considered in the study. Among his conclusions in his executive summary, McKibben found that when 2013 comes to a close, enrollment in the school district’s elementary schools “will begin a slow decline.” Between this school year and the 2017-2018 school year, McKibben’s forecast calls for total enrollment to increase by 1,026 students. The changing size of cohorts impacts enrollment. McKibben notes in his report, “Until the current bubble of students (now in grades 3 through 8) passes through the high school grades, there will be continued growth at the district’s high schools.” However, from the 2017-2018 school year to the 2022-2023 school year, “total enrollment will decline by 181 students.” For the full report, visit, click on school board/board docs and then go to meetings.

What happened: The board approved two policies.

What it means: Two policies focusing on technology were presented to the school board. One of the policies, “Student Technology Usage,” saw changes and added provisions for the use of “web-based applications such as Google E-Mail” for curricular uses. “Test Security” focuses on professional development regarding state testing.

What happened: Smith delivered the superintendent’s report.

What it means: Smith updated the board members on various interests in the school district. Smith discussed the referendum for the senior academies, including finding a person to chair a political action committee involved in that issue.

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