City Council meeting: Oct. 1


Action: The Carmel City Council held a second reading on Ordinance D-2108-12, adopting the resolution by a unanimous 7-0 vote.

What it means: Sponsored by President Sharp and Councilors Seidensticker and Snyder, the move allows the Council to remove the responsibilities of the Carmel Redevelopment Commission and establish the Carmel Redevelopment Department. The decision is a direct result of the CRC’s request of the Council to refinance $190 million dollars in debt.

What’s next: The City Council will now have complete oversight of the CRD’s budget and employees, as well the ability to limit expenditures and the retaining of consultants, something Council President Rick Sharp said led to the CRC’s financial struggles.


Action: The Council held its third reading of Ordinance D-2106-12; it was adopted.

What it means: Sponsored by President Sharp, D-2106-12 is a policy regarding nepotism and contracting with the city to be codified in City Code Chapter 2, Article 5, Sections 2-181 (City Policy Regarding Nepotism) and 2-189 (City Policy Regarding Contracting with the City by Relatives of Elected Officials).


Action: The Council held its second reading of Ordinance Z-560-12; it was adopted.

What it means: Sponsored by Councilor Rider, Z-560-12 extends the Sunset Provision on the process for demolition of contributing buildings of Old Town District Overlay Zone in the Carmel Zoning Ordinance.