Lions Club donates $1k to NMS Rain Forest Project


Lions Club President Stephen Craig presents a $1,000 check to Brian Crosley and Patti Foust for the Noblesville Middle School Rain Forest Project. (Photo provided by Clayton Fleming)

Lions Club President Stephen Craig recently presented a $1,000 check to Brian Crosley and Patti Foust. Crosley is a volunteer and Foust is a teacher who works with students in the Noblesville Rain Forest Project. They recently returned from a trip to theAmazonRain ForestinPeru, which included 60 seventh and eighth grade students, 20 parents, two community volunteers and four teachers. Everyone paid their own way.

Students from Noblesville Middle School make a trip to the rain forest every two years to learn about the area and provide service projects to residents in need. In their most recent trip, the group helped repair a school building by removing mold and remodeled with mold-resistant paint. They also adopted two schools in the Amazon and supplied them with school supplies.

Funds provided by the Noblesville Lions Club last year helped pay for the paint and personal items for the children such as tooth paste, tooth brushes, socks and hats. The group worked with residents to do the repairs and they got to see how the people are challenged in their everyday lives.