ZCHS students participate in IU Honors Program


Front row, left to right: Adam Pease – Ciudad Real, Spain; Lillie Heigl – Brest, France; Anna Goodlett - Krefeld, Germany; Cait Goodlett - Saumur, France; Paige Waterstreet - Ciudad Real, Spain Back row: Dixie Shicllaci - Saint Brice, France; Lara Barrett - Brest, France; Emma Vaughan - Valencia, Spain; Lucas Schacht -Merida, Mexico Not pictured are Stefani Wallien, Skylar Wyant, Margaret McCurren, Margaret McMillan and Felicia Leavesley

This summer, 14 ZCHS students travelled to foreign countries as part of the IU Honors Program in Foreign Languages. They spent six and one-half weeks with host families and pledged to speak only the foreign language during the program. They attended classes in the mornings, had planned activities in the afternoons and embarked on several excursions to enhance their cultural awareness.