Local dentist brings smiles across the world


Gary Llewellyn provides care while in the Dominican Republic. (Submitted photo)

A smile can go a long way. Just ask Dr. Gary Llewellyn, Zionsville resident and founder of Indy Smiles Family and Cosmetic Dentistry. He, along with other medical professionals and students, traveled to Haiti and the Dominican Republic in May on a missionary trip with Timmy Global Health.

This week-long trip was the organization’s first medical mission to Monte Cristi, in the Dominican Republic. Llewellyn was one of 21 medical and academic volunteers focusing on primary care and dental services for low-income families in need.

“There are so many people in the world that do not have the ability to seek medical and dental care,” said Llewellyn. “(That’s) either due to financial limitations, or simply the remoteness of where they live.”

Timmy Global Health was founded by Zionsville resident Dr. Chuck Dietzen in 1997 in memory of his oldest brother, Timmy, who died in childbirth. Timmy Global Health provides direct medical assistance and healthcare services to low-income communities in the developing world through short-term medical brigades, providing free clinic care to patients.

“We will never turn a patient away,” Llewellyn continued. “We have several local organizations that we work with to provide care at very low or no cost.”

He encourages others to get involved.

“Get out and help, even locally, anyone who has a talent. Even if you don’t and just have time. Just volunteer. Pay it forward.”

For more information, visit timmyglobalhealth.org.