Overnight Lane restriction on Southbound I-69 near Fishers


Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) contractors plan to restrict traffic on Interstate 69 during overnight hours tonight to finish installing beams for the new State Road 37 flyover ramp.

Milestone Contractors, the state’s contractor for the $18 million Operation Indy Commute project, will require a single lane restriction on southbound I-69 approaching the State Road 37 overpass.  The restriction is expected between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m. as crews work overhead to tighten bolts on the new overpass beams.

INDOT is contracting Milestone to widen and increase the traffic-carrying capacity of the Exit 205 (Old Exit 5) ramps to 116th Street and State Road 37.  A new flyover ramp will carry two lanes of traffic from northbound I-69 to State Road 37, and a new entrance ramp to northbound I-69 from 116th Street will eliminate weaving with traffic exiting to State Road 37.

These improvements are part of INDOT’s Operation Indy Commute, an initiative to strategically eliminate recurring commuting bottlenecks on I-69 in Marion and Hamilton Counties between the I-465 interchange and 116th Street/State Road 37 exits.  A separate Operation Indy Commute project is planned for the I-465 and I-65 interchange on the south side of Indianapolis.  For more information on Operation Indy Commute projects, visit www.IndyCommute.indot.in.gov.