Façade grants to improve 6 businesses


Six façade grants have been awarded to downtown businesses to improve their buildings. The total investment of the businesses is $58,194.18, with almost half that amount ($27,798.12) being reimbursed by the façade grants.

Total                Total                            Fund

Address                       Investment      Reimbursement           Balance ($50k)

1: 121 S. Walnut St.    $12,178.09      $5,000                         $45,000

Complete exterior renovation to principal structure at Gemini General Contracting, LLC. (Phase I)

2: 144 S. Union St.     $9,002.20        $4,501.10                    $40,498.90

Installation of canopy sign, repair to exterior window, and concrete work done to parking lot at R. Beauchamp Antiques, Inc.

3: 102/108 S. Union St.          $7,741.89        $3,185.02                    $37,313.88

Repair to siding, soffit, and face boards; replacement to windows; masonry repair to chimney; paint facades; and repairs to existing awning at Erika’s Place/Jan’s Village Pizza.

4: 101 S. Union St.     $5,574             $2,787 (pending)         $34,526.88 (projected)

Replacement of business signs, exterior trim replacement, and exterior painting to the east and west facades at Union Street Flowers/Westfield Pharmacy.

5: 104 N. Union St.     $15,048           $5,000 (pending)         $29,526.88 (projected)

A full replacement of brick façade at Hobson Insurance

6: 121 S. Walnut St.    $8,650             $4,325 (pending)         $25,201.88 (projected)

A complete exterior renovation to detached garage at Gemini General Contracting, LLC. (Phase II)