Good job Jim Blessing


Dear editor,

Finally, a common sense article exposing a major problem with our congress and their inability to solveAmerica’s most pressing problems. Jim Blessing may be the only Democrat inCarmel(NOT!) but he certainly is not the only Moderate.

As a Moderate, I believe the polarization of our society on political issues is extremely dangerous, resulting in family members, neighbors, relatives and church members creating harmful relationships and resentment, instead of love, toward each other.

Our churches may espouse love thy neighbor, but when it comes to political issues it is every right winger for themselves and damnation to you if you do not “go along to get along”. Heaven forbid if our congress actually practiced the art of bi-partisanship in the interest of governing. Bi-partisanship, or “horse trading” as it was called in those days, is exactly how our U.S. constitution was created.

The media, especially talk radio/TV, is fueling this polarization. Polarization on political issues would be reduced if the ego driven talk radio hosts suddenly came down with a good case of permanent Laryngitis.

Way to go Jim!!

Peace and Semper Fi!

Jerry Rolinski