Aflutter over Chik-fil-A



At the Main Street Barber Shop the whole Chik-fil-A thing has brought more jokes and conversation than I care to discuss, so I thought I’d bring in a different point of view.
I’m glad someone still has biblical principals as I do, but I also know that as humans we can be hypocrites. Remember the saying in the Holy Bible advising not to tell your brother there’s a splinter in his eye when there’s a plank in yours? We all sin, it’s just how we choose to do it. I admire someone who speaks out – I do it myself – but you can’t tell gay couples they’re wrong and sinful when you sin yourself in a different manner. So it seems to me that everyone else should leave everyone else alone unless it is harming or damaging others. The best bet is just to teach your kids your beliefs and hope they make the right decisions. I myself love Chik-fil-A; and as long as you wash your hands I don’t care who serves me.

Jason Peek