A last farewell to Carmel


It was rather bittersweet for me to read the Indianapolis newspaper’s article regarding the City Council work on the potential refinance of the Redevelopment Commission debt. For over six years I warned the people of Carmel that, in the end result, the City would find itself in a quagmire over Mayor Brainard’s excessive if not frivolous spending of taxpayer money. Alas, very few chose to listen.

The City Council is composed of all your representatives who are supposed to ensure that you are protected against such scenarios. In my opinion, they have utterly failed as the fiscal body of Carmel by allowing the Mayor to uncontrollably spend your money on pretty buildings laden with unsupportable debt.

Now your supposed representatives are negotiating a deal where all of the debt will be put on the shoulders of the resident taxpayers of Carmel. Up to this point, debt has solely been paid by commercial taxation. They are apparently still in a state of denial, or else they do not have the courage to admit that it is Mayor Brainard who must be stopped cold in his actions that are bankrupting the City.

The mayor and his entourage have wholly failed in fundraising efforts, and now he is asking the resident property owners of Carmel to pay for his leading the City into a financial black hole. The people of Carmel should rise up from their apathy and denial, and urge their Council representatives to cease and desist in this effort to cover up the mayor’s folly. If such refinancing occurs, I believe that all will see a Carmel bankruptcy in the future.

In my opinion, it is better that the CRC default on its debt rather than have the city property owners be strapped to repay it all. It is time for the mayor to be held fully accountable for his errant actions, which have been devoid of a conservative fiscal view for a growing municipality.

Six and a half years ago, my wife Norma and I dreamed that the city of Carmel would be the place we would spend the balance of our retirement years. However, with the actions of this government in those years, and the continued stasis of the populace to important political concerns, it has been proven to us that Carmel may very well not be that place.

Accordingly, we have sold our home, and will be leavingCarmelforever. I can only wish the best for those good people who listened to my warnings in the past, all of which have come to fruition, and I urge others to wake up from their stasis and rise up to ensure that taxpayers here are not burdened with the mayor’s mistakes. God bless you all.