Storm water fee doesn’t make any sense for Zionsville



With a national debt hovering at 16 trillion dollars, how can a U.S. citizen hope to reduce that gigantic burden if, at the local level, our town council approves unnecessary new layers of government, such as approving a $646,000 storm water tax-funded boondoggle?

Republicans should be the standard bearers for fiscal restraint. Instead, the Zionsville taxpayers’ money is being spent like the little pig on the zip line. Clearly, none of the Town Councilors are devoting the time to do adequate individual, independent research to know more about the issues for which they are responsible. Why don’t they know what a very garbled Stormwater Mandate specifies? Who actually did the research and concisely specified the problems?

I was appalled by the discussions at the August 6 Town Council meeting. What Councilors came prepared, having individually researched facets of utility law? Who spent the time required to consult with outside professionals conversant with such things as equity issues, and the differences between a tax and a fee?

Zionsville has been in the developers’ bullseye for many years. Since consolidation, they now have a 52-square mile green light for development. Outside utilities are being encouraged to come in and help cannibalize the rural areas that encompass our town. Former elected officials were dedicated to managed growth. That notion is dismissed today.

I am sick over the one-sided input from which decisions are being made. The Town Council doesn’t want to hear or encourage input from people whose information might impede the foreordained plan. If this is an example of integrity at the local level, our nation is clearly on a Greece skid!

Wendy Brant