Book Review: “The Jersey Effect” by Hunter Smith and Darrin Gray


As a new football season is about to begin, I highly recommend Hunter Smith and Darrin Gray’s new book, “The Jersey Effect”.  It’s about faith, football and keeping sports in perspective of life.

Hunter Smith draws on his experiences playing football during college for Notre Dame and as the Indianapolis Colts’ punter for 10 years. Gray and Smith include testimonies from seven players and three coaches for the Indianapolis Colts.

Former Coach Tony Dungy suggests that young people need to be encouraged to grow in four areas: academically, socially, athletically and spiritually. He maintains that too often athletics are emphasized over the other areas and a couple of them take precedence when all four are needed.

Hunter Smith models the power of choosing friends who share one’s spiritual values, point us in the right direction when needed and wholeheartedly support us.

The Jersey Effect’s message can be applied to any walk of life. It is especially applicable to young people and families with sports playing a large part of their lives.

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