Road construction affects local businesses, yields small changes to bus routes


As construction continues on 126Street, businesses in the area have either been impacted negatively or experienced little to no effects. In addition, the HSE Transportation Department has been forced to re-route a few buses as the beginning of the 2012-2013 school year approaches.

Big Apple Bagels and Bicycles Motion Fitness have not noticed any difference in daily business since the start of the construction.

“We haven’t noticed much (impact) as of yet, but it’s hard to gauge it until the biking season is over,” said Oliver Beeson of Bicycles Motion Fitness. “I’m sure (the construction) isn’t helping business.”

However, Mary Shao, owner of Nail Spa has experienced the opposite. She has noticed that the construction is yielding a decrease in customers because it is inconvenient for everyone.

Shao saw on a website that the construction would be finished this month, but said that when she looks outside, she rarely sees anyone working. According to the Town ofFisherswebsite, the 126 Street project is set to be finished in May of 2013.

“(Nail Spa) has only been here for a couple of months and (the construction) is hurting us because no one drives over here,” said Shao.

HSE Transportation Director Jim White has no concerns going into the new school year. WithCumberland Roadback open and the Roundabout at 131 andLantern Roadopen to traffic, the only difficulty that White sees is the slow-moving traffic on 126.

“There are only three subdivisions on 126 and we can get to them from the back entrances, so we’re in pretty good shape for the school year,” said White.