Wilson’s soapbox needs facts



I was disappointed by Danielle Wilson’s tactless column labeling parents who disagree with her on the vaccination issue. As a parent, I took the time to look into this and chose to vaccinate. Some compelling reasons not to vaccinate (such as deadly allergic reactions) have made it a decision I was thankful turned out for the best.

As for sending children without vaccines to school. . . well, it would seem, if I got my child vaccinated they would be safeguarded. This is not the case. There was a case of pertussis at our elementary. The school sent home letters released by the Center for Disease Control that vaccinated children may still get pertussis. There is an argument that it may never have come about if the child with the disease had been vaccinated (and the child was not).

To vaccinate or not is a difficult decision. I know I made the best decision I could, considering the information that I gathered. I believe that parents who choose not to vaccinate have come to their decision the same way.

Maybe Danielle is right, but that soapbox she stands on is going to tip over if she doesn’t back up her opinions with facts. There is a reason why vaccines were created. Has it made diseases obsolete? I don’t know if I want to test that theory. But, I will allow my fellow parent the option of making that decision on their own, and I will RESPECT them for it.

Rachel Lockert