Obama Backshop: Useless



You start out talking about Obamacare and some Stanford economist. You give that guy a lot of credit just because he’s recognizable.  How about Paul Krugman an economist from Princeton, he’s recognizable too? Did that alone give him credibility or was it the Nobel Prize?  Great that you think everyone knew the Bush recession was going to be as deep as it was, you must have made a ton of money.  Too bad for those other guys who lost 40% of everything they had, those fools!  Anyway, I was writing to commend you for saying absolutely nothing while killing a tree for paper.  You article wandered over enough topics that by the end, all you did was waste space without providing a shred of support for a single thought.  And just so you know, the nation’s worst president left office in 2008.  Obama didn’t start 2 wars with borrowed money or throw 2 trillion tax dollars at the big banks in TARP funds and I never hear about the 300 million dollars we spend in fake wars every day.  But he did deal with it when he got there while your guys were doing nothing more than trying to shoot a hole through the bottom of the collective boat by defaulting as a nation.  Give you guys a little space and look what you do with it!

Dr. John Jachetta