King of Glory dedicates ‘front porch’



Joggers, cyclists and dog walkers traveling along 106th Street will find a new resting spot near Keystone Parkway, courtesy o0f King of Glory Worship and Ministry Center.

The “front porch,” created using funds the church obtained from sale of land to the city of Carmel during the construction of roundabout improvements at the intersection of 106th Street andKeystone Parkway, was dedicated to the public June 3 at a service attended by church members and Mayor Jim Brainard.

“Our congregation decided to reinvest into the community by creating a ‘front porch’ area,” said Pastor Paul Swartz.

In his remarks at the dedication, Swartz recalled the history of the porch.

“As an architectural concept, the porch has existed since prehistoric times and has influenced not only the construction of the temple and church buildings but household dwellings as well,” he said. “As history unfolded, and the Middle Ages arrived, the porch came to represent a cathedral’s vestibule where worshippers could gather to socialize before and after the service.”

King of Glory’s front porch was designed to be a public amenity. It features several benches, a water fountain and a rocking swing.

Part of King of Glory’s mission is to be a “lively and engaging front porch community,” Swartz said, which is why the congregation felt the project was a good investment.

“We know that a vision is more than just a statement on paper,” he said. “It has to exist in the hearts and minds of people.”

King of Glory’s “front porch” is now open to passersby at 2201 E. 106th St. The church will hold a Sunday morning worship service outside on the porch through fall, weather permitting. For more information, visit