City of Carmel Common Council – June 4


Action: Amendment to a lease between Carmel Redevelopment Authority and Carmel Redevelopment Commission.

  • What it means: The city of Carmel will appropriate extra funds to speed up construction on the Illinois Street Road Improvement project.
  • What’s next: The ordinance will go to the Carmel Redevelopment Authority for final approval.

Action: Amendment to the qualifications of Board of Zoning Appeals hearing officers.

  • What it means: If approved, former members of the BZA would be eligible to serve as BZA hearing officers.
  • What’s next: The ordinance will receive a second reading at the next meeting of the Carmel Common Council.

Action: Ordinance amending a variety of provisions of the Carmel Zoning Ordinance.

  • What it means: Among other changes, the ordinance would allow the Carmel Planning Commission to grant waivers to developers of up to 35 percent of development standards.
  • What’s next: The ordinance will be sent to the Land Use, Annexation and Economic Development Committee on June 26.

Appointment: The City of Carmel Common Council selected former council member Joe Griffiths as the council’s appointee to the Carmel Cable and Telecommunications Commission. This is a two-year appointment.

Report: The City of Carmel Common Council received a report on compliance of businesses receiving property or personal property tax abatements. The following businesses were found compliant: Allegient LLC, Allete Automotive Services, Belden Inc., Capital Bank and Trust Co., Dealer Services Corporation, Flywheel Healthcare LLC, GEMMS Inc., KAR Auction Services Inc., Meridian Medical Partners LLC, Midwest Independent Transmission System Operator (MISO), Seven Corners Inc. / 303 Group LLC, SRI Inc., and the Capital Group Companies. The Baker Hill Corporation’s abatement was closed per a request from the company. Dormir LLC and Pharmakon Long Term Care Pharmacy/Pharmakon Compounding Pharmacy were found non-compliant, as the council did not receive a CF-1 form. They will have an additional week to submit the proper forms.