Take Facebook fee rumors lightly


I heard Facebook is going to start charging business pages a fee. Is this just a rumor? – Nancy

With the recent high-profile IPO of Facebook, there are a lot of rumors and speculation about what is going to happen with the world’s most popular social network.

While it’s certainly possible that Facebook could charge for use of their network down the road (and if they did, it would most likely be business pages first), there is nothing official that would suggest that it’s going to happen because they became a public company.

At this point in time, the only charge that a business page will incur from Facebook is to place an advertisement on the network or use its “sponsored stories” option.

Facebook has a unique way to target users for advertisers, because they have so much valuable information about who we are and what we like and half of us use the network every day.

Ads can be targeted based on any combination of location, language, education, work, age, gender, relationship status, likes and interests.

Businesses can also use the “sponsored stories” option to have posts or interactions show up on more news streams.

By default, Facebook only shows you items in your news feed that are from friends that you are actively interacting with or posts that have gotten a lot of likes or comments by your friends.

“Sponsored stories” let business pages bypass the normal algorithm and have their posts show up on more new feeds, which means more people will see it.

At the moment, the majority of the revenue generated by Facebook is from this type of advertising, but it isn’t enough to justify its current valuation, which is why the rumors of new fees have cranked up again.

These types of rumors aren’t anything new and have been circulating for years. They tend to pop up every time something significant changes within the network or there is discussion about new projects at Facebook.

Now that Facebook is a publicly traded company, expect to see more stories about new fee-based offerings and expect to see more hoaxes claiming that what you get for free today will be a pay service tomorrow.