The essentials of summer


“Summer.” Is there a better word in the English language? Long awaited, much anticipated – it’s finally here. There are officially 94 days of this wonderful season – such a short time to fit in so much. Here’s one way to spell out what makes summer so special for kids and grown-ups.

S is for s’mores, sprinklers, strawberries, sunflowers, sandcastles, swimming, sundresses, sandals, slushies, sunsets, speedboats, sleepovers, screen doors and snow cones.

U is for undeniable urges for ice cream, unavoidable tan lines, underwater handstands, unproductive days, unanswered e-mails, umbrellas on the beach, unbearable heat causing universal laziness.

M is for the music of nighttime frogs, mall air conditioning, morning dew, messy popsicles, moratorium on uncomfortable clothes and many muggy nights with major mosquito bites.

M is also for midday snoozes, mapping out vacations, melons, movies, mowing the grass, multigenerational reunions and multiple ice cream scoops.

E is for escaping on vacation, electrical storms, expert cannonball techniques, enjoying barbecues, eating enormous elephant ears and earnest attempts to fit into that bathing suit.

R is for race track, road trips, riding bikes, reading novels, reluctant bed times, roller coasters, roasted marshmallows, ripe tomatoes from the garden and . . . relaxing.

Enjoy this summer with your family!