Find this predator and put him away


Brian Kelly and Steve Greenberg

File this away in your memory bank, right in the folder labeled “Sick but true.” Earlier this week, an 8-year-old girl was playing on her family’s property near 136th Street and Brooks School Road, when a predator – that’s what he is, among other things – pulled up and tried to lure her into his car. The child’s mother saw what was transpiring, ran to secure her child then went into their home and called police. It was a beautiful evening … until Sicko showed up. Fishers police are looking for the creep – white male, 30 to 40 years old, thin build, dirty blond hair and driving a late-model black Toyota Camry – and we hope they find him. If you see him or others of his ilk, call 911. We’re not going to preach to parents about watching kids as it stays lighter later, but we all need to face the fact that as warmer weather comes, so do the idiots that prey on our youth. Vigilance, not paranoia, should rule the day. Neighborhood organizations should take up the discussion, and if there are block captains they should be notified right after the police have been called.

* * *

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