Zionsville resident Ewbanks backs Reid


Chard Reid is the fiscally conservative voice so desperately needed in Congress to rein in out-of-control government spending and to protect our Constitutional liberties.

On the surface, Susan Brooks and Chard Reid might appear to be comparable candidates for the congressional seat in the Fifth District.  A closer analysis of their platforms, however, clearly reveals just how much Chard Reid,the Libertarian candidate, outshines hisRepublican opponent. Whereas Susanoffers generalities and platitudes, Chard Reid shares justification for his specific plans todefend the Constitution, to balance the budget,to reform our entitlement programs and to call for an audit of the Federal Reserve.

Chard’s vision is rooted in the Constitution.  As such, he has pledged to work towards returning power to the states as required by the 10th Amendment and to provide for a strong national defense, which is one of the main Constitutional obligations of the federal government.

Furthermore, Chard has a budget proposal that will balance the budget in two years and eliminate future deficit spending and a reckless accumulation of debt.   Because he recognizes that his budget is unlikely to pass, Chard has pledged to vote against any proposal that does not balance the budget by itsfifth year.

Chard is the only candidate willing to compassionately yet decisively address the looming issues with Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security programs, which together represented roughly 40% of federal government spending in 2010.  To drastically reduce our nation’s long-term liabilities,Chard outlines a plan tohonor the promises made to our elderly citizens, while gradually increasing the eligibility age of Social Security for young citizens who still have time to make adjustments to their budgets.

Finally, Chard understands that our economy cannot recover unless we address inflation.To slow the alarming depreciation of our money due to the Fed’s unchecked power to print money, Chard pledges to introduce a new version of the Federal Reserve Transparency Act in 2013 in order to audit the Fed.

Chard Reidis the only candidate in the 5th congressional district with a thorough and specific plan to get our country’s finances in order, and it is backed by research, facts and a mastery of economics.Not only is Chard ready with a plan to rescue our country from fiscal insanity, he will vote on issues in accordance with the tenants of the Constitution.  That is why he should be the vote for every true conservative and lover of liberty.