Referendum would hurt those with fixed income


Dear Editor,

One thing that hasn’t changed about increasing the tax burden on Zionsville residents that seems to have eluded the “Vote Yes” crowd, is that residents on fixed incomes, such as seniors and retirees, have no way to pay this extra tax. Their living standards will go down to pay for this bailout.

The 40% of voters who thought this was a good idea in 2010 had a chance to step up and put their money where their mouth was by contributing to Steve Freeland¹s 16-90 effort last year. The money raised was far, far short of full participation of the 40%. Hypocrites or sour grapes; you decide. Any benefit homeowners percieve to home values from better schools is surely offset by Zionsville becoming a high tax area. The real problem is result of poor decisions by local government, not because we are taxed too little.

Tom Hallett