Current readers welcome at coffee shop


I’m setting up shop in Zionsville.

No, not that kind of shop; Current Publishing will still retain just one hub office in Carmel for all its platforms. What I mean to say is I’m setting up calling hours for you – and you, and you and you, too – to stop by and discuss all things Zionsville with me.

So, mark it down: Wednesdays between 10 a.m. and noon at Eagle Creek Coffee Co., I’m all ears.

I’m all ears for your story ideas. I’m all ears for your questions. I’m all ears for your comments, concerns and I’m all ears for your company, if you so desire. As good as the dialogue has been thus far between myself and your lovely town, it’s about to get better and more accessible.

I envision this method – already employed by another Current editor in another location, to rave reviews – will be more ergonomic than traversing the usual technological channels of communication. Oh, you can still call or e-mail or Morse code me if you like, but if you choose to simply drop by the café unannounced, that’s perfectly allright.

Many of you, mostly outside the 46077 zip code, have also asked me about the method of acquiring copies, or additional copies, of Current in Zionsville. With our delivery model being what it is, my Eagle Creek hours are the perfect solution. I’ll bring a stack of CiZ with me, and any and all will be free to take one.

See, at Current, we’re all about being local. And what better way to be local, outside of my eventually filling out a change of address form, than to be right here on your turf? Come bend my ear for a bit and tell me what you know, what you’ve heard, what you like and what you don’t.

No appointment required.