Launch your diet with the three P’s



How many diet books do you own? More than five?Perhaps you have multiple shelves in your home with diet books. Just imagine if you could have lost all the weight in pounds that your diet books weigh! Despite all the books, the data and research into the chemistry of the body points to carbohydrates, and how much and how rapidly your body has to deal with it.

Glycemic index and glycemic impact are the ways we measure how food and beverages affect your metabolism and body weight. Despite genetic variation, we are all subject to the laws of gravity, aging and sugar metabolism. Stress, hormones, exercise, sleep and other factors will also play their roles, but they respond to the sugar fluxes as well.

So, what is the best diet book? Believe it or not, it is a cookbook. Learning how to change the way you prepare food is as important as your food selection. Perhaps even more, because the biggest problem people have is trying to lose weight while cooking the same way that drove their weight up initially.

Food selection can often be boiled down to the 3 P’s. That is the quick advice I give to my patients before they see the nutritionist. Eat these things only: foods you pick off trees and plants, foods you pluck out of the ground and foods you can pierce with a spear to eat … protein.

Can you pick a bagel off a tree or plant? How about pasta, soft drinks, chips, ice cream, crackers or french fries? There are more things you can than can’t eat. Learn to expand your diet with the three P’s to reduce your waist.


By Dr. Roger Spahr 

Dr. Roger Spahr is a board certified physician in family medicine who practices Functional Medicine with Ailanto Group.