Fall in love with your home


Whether buying or renting, there is a moment in the search for a new home when your heart flutters, skips and beat and says, “I am home.”

I, personally, have had my breath taken away by a closet large enough for furniture, a two-story window that looked over a pond and a gazebo that gave view to acres of green. The love of these features never waned.

When visiting a client for the first time, I like to find out what turned their head and heart the moment they saw it in their new home.

If you think about it, the home is one of the most personal reflections of you. It says who you are and what you are all about. More important, the home is a refuge and the place where you can retreat from the world.

When decorated in a way that turns the heart and head of the dweller, a home can alter emotions. When things are in their place and the small world of the home is beautiful, all is well with the world … or better than it would have been.

Some clients share they want their home to be full of memories, while others appreciate the opportunity to express themselves.

If you are in a home where the love has faded, here are a few things to bring the excitement back:

Purge. I can’t emphasize this enough. Nothing weighs the feel of a house down like things you don’t want or need that are in your way. Most clutter is the result of delayed decisions. When you hang on to that vase you bought because it was on sale, but does not work with your style, it begins to weigh you down. Make tough decisions and move on. It is empowering and energizing!

Rearrange your furniture. It puts a whole new life in what you already have. At that point, you can determine if there are voids, and replace them with new and modern. It just might help update the older pieces.

Invite people over. Nothing gets the creative decorating juices going more than knowing guests will be arriving!

Home really is where the heart is, so this Valentine’s Day, I hope you fall madly in love with it all over again!


By Vicky Earley