Firefighters, police ensure safety of child passengers


Fishers firefighter Don Graber shows Amy Hulse how to ensure the straps are safe and snug on the car seat for 5-week-old daughter, Emma.

Fishers resident Amy Hulse took advantage of the car seat installation program offered by the Fishers Fire and Police Depts. last week to ensure her child was properly fastened.

Hulse, accompanied by parents-in-law Bill and Patty Hulse, went through a thorough training and installation lesson by Fishers firefighter Don Graber.

“Auto manufacturers don’t design cars with babies in mind,” said FFD Capt. Ron Lipps. “It’s kind of an afterthought.”

The Child Passenger Safety Program is offered by certified members of both the Fishers Fire and Police Depts. To set up a car seat installation appointment, contact the Fishers Police Dept. at 595-3300, or contact Mark Elder at the Fishers Fire Dept. at or 595-3200.

Fishers firefighter Don Graber secures an infant car seat.

Amy Hulse checks that daughter Emma’s car seat is secure and set at a 30-degree angle.