Carmel Green Teen Grant applications due soon


Students seeking free funding for their youth-led green projects take note. The Carmel Green Teen Micro-Grant Program is offering youth environmental grants. See for details and to download an application. Interested youth groups must submit applications by the February 29, 2012 deadline for youth-led projects that reduce pollution, conserve natural resources, or save energy. Grant money will be awarded in mid-March, in plenty of time for April Earth Day or Arbor Day projects.

Since its inception in 2009, the Carmel Green Teen Micro-Grant Program has funded 16 projects, including organic community gardens, butterfly bush, wildflower, and tree-planting projects, reusable shopping bag and CFL bulb promotion, and disposable water bottle reduction projects. So far these projects have:

  • Directly involved over 280 young people
  • Benefited well over 72,000 people in our community
  • Provided Carmel Residents over $90,000 in benefits annually
  • Reduced carbon dioxide emissions by over 100 tons annually
  • Planted 1,075 trees and numerous butterfly bushes and wildflowers
  • Facilitated the ongoing recycling of tons of waste from school cafeterias monthly
  • Saved over a half-million plastic bags and thousands of plastic water bottles annually
  • Provided 105 CFL bulbs to people from 44 different neighborhoods, saving $2,100 in electricity bills annually
  • Provided over 1,000 tomatoes, 50 buckets of beans, and over 650 other vegetables, all locally- and organically-grown, to needy families
  • Involved projects within seven elementary schools, one special-needs school, two middle schools, two churches, and Carmel High School
  • Created sustainable, safe new animal habitats with plants and trees native to Indiana
  • Launched Indiana’s first monofilament fishing line recycling program
  • Fostered a greater sense of community

Lauren Gibson, Carmel Green Teen coordinator and Carmel High School junior, noted, “This truly has been a community effort – working together to help empower kids to make Carmel a greener community, one youth project at a time.” Visit for photos, project ideas, and details.