Outgoing council members honored


By Lindsay Eckert


The last City Council meeting of 2011 also marked the last meeting for Council members, Tom Smith and Ken Kingshill. Smith and Kingshill were among the first City Council members elected when Westfield was designated as a city in 2007.

Former Deputy Mayor Bruce Hauk attended last Monday’s City Council meeting to remember a beginning and honor an ending. Before Hauk handed out plaques to all of the council members he shared how the council and its outgoing members have impacted Westfield in the last four years.

“I want to recognize the first city council and mayor of our community,” Hauk said. “They have turned this town into a city. They have embarked on a transition to transform our community in many ways.”

Mayor Andy Cook extended his hand to congratulate Smith and Kingshill. Cook gave the outgoing council members a plaque inscribed with a message written by fellow council members.

“Smith and Kingshill have done a great job, and told me they want to continue being involved in their city going forward, that speaks a lot about their character,” Cook said.

New council members, Tom Ake and Cindy Spoljaric, will be inaugurated Jan. 9 at City Hall Assembly Room, 130 Penn St. at 7 p.m.