I-465 opens tomorrow


The Indiana Dept. of Transportation plans to reopen the off-ramp from westbound I-465 to Keystone Avenue on the city’s north east side before rush hour tomorrow evening, weather permitting. There will be two ramp lanes—one permitting left turns to southbound Keystone, the other providing right-turn access to northbound Keystone.

This ramp closed to allow Reith Riley, the state’s contractor, to connect it with new pavement on the west side of Keystone. That has been accomplished.

Motorists traveling northbound on Keystone will no longer crossover from the west side to the eastside of the roadway south of 96th Street. Instead, they will continue in west side lanes past the construction zone (north of 96th Street) where northbound traffic is redirected to the east side of Keystone.

Construction of a concrete median necessitated the earlier crossover. That median has now been built.

The $18.2 million Major Moves project has reconstructed the Keystone Avenue/I-465 interchange as a partial cloverleaf. In addition to added travel lanes on Keystone, access to I-465 is free-flowing via two loop ramps (northbound Keystone to westbound I-465 and southbound Keystone to eastbound I-465).