Fishers police announce Trick-or-Treat hours


FISHERS–Fishers Police Chief George Kehl has announced Trick-or-Treat hours for Halloween. Trick-or-Treat hours will be on October 31 from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Kehl offerered the following safety tips for Halloween:

· Give and accept wrapped or packaged candy only.
· Only go to houses that you know the owner.
· Have children bring treats home for adult inspection before they are
· A parent or adult should accompany children when they are trick-ortreating.
· Carry a flashlight.
· Stay within your neighborhood; only visit homes you know.
· Use make-up or face paint instead of masks. If masks are used, make
sure the child has good visibility.
· Choose costumes that are flame retardant.
· Wear light-colored clothing, short enough to prevent tripping. Add
reflective tape to dark colored costumes.
· Watch for vehicle traffic and use caution when crossing the street.

Police cars will be patrolling the neighborhoods to ensure everyone’s safety. If
you see or find anything suspicious, please call the Fishers Police Department at
773-1282 or Emergency 911.