Temporary road closures announced for Freedom Festival’s main parade


FISHERS — A few Fishers roads will be closed on Sunday, June 26 from 3 P.M. to approximately 6:30 P.M. due to the annual Fishers Freedom Festival’s Main Parade.  It will be at the Fishers Police Department’s discretion to close the roads a little earlier if the situation warrants it.  Once the parade has completed and parade observers have cleared, all roads will be reopened to the public as soon as possible.

The roads closed at 3 P.M. are:

•         Lantern Road: Immediately south of 126th Street going south to 116th Street.  Lantern & 126th Street intersection will be open.  Lantern & 116th Street intersection will be closed.

•         The Thomas A. Weaver Memorial Municipal Complex:  All roads closed.  This includes access to Municipal Drive , the Fishers Post Office, the Fishers Public Library, Town Hall, BMV Fishers Branch, Train Station, Fishers Fire Headquarters & Fishers Police Headquarters.

•         116th Street: From immediately west of the Commercial Drive intersection going west through Hague Road.  (The Commercial Drive & 116th Street intersection and the 116th Street & Hague Road intersection will both remain open with police traffic control measures.)

•         Holland Drive: From Holland Park going south to 116th Street .  Holland Drive & 116th Street intersection will be closed.

•         Sunblest: Between Ellipse Blvd and Lantern Road.

Residents will have limited access to their neighborhoods off 116th Street within the closed road area, but absolutely no through traffic will be allowed on 116th Street .

Those wanting to access the Fishers Corner Business Park (which includes SuperTarget) and the Northeast Commerce Park (Technology Drive and Visionary Way) can do so only by approaching from 116th Street and Interstate 69 area, then going north onto Commercial Drive.

The Main Parade begins at 4 P.M. at the corner of 116th Street & Lantern Road.  The parade will continue west down 116th Street , turns north on Holland Drive, and finishes at Holland Park.  The parade will not circle Ellipse Parkway.