Stay fit and trim while traveling


Traveling and staying trim don’t always coincide.   After all, food is part of the vacation experience.  When we travel, we eat out, leading to larger portions and over-indulgence.  Yet with an ounce of willpower and a pound of planning, you can enjoy your vacation dining without gaining weight.  So for all you weight-loss resolution-makers out there, try these tips for staying trim while traveling.

Think ahead.  As we travel, we’re often off schedule, finding ourselves hungry during our flight, or in our hotel room.  Instead of indulging in calorie-laden airport and hotel snacks, bring your own.  Throw healthier fare in your bag and when the hunger pangs hit, you’ll have a weapon to fight back with.

Pretend you’re home.  Try to stick to your normal eating routine as much as possible.  If you normally eat oatmeal or a bagel each morning, do the same on vacation.   A good rule of thumb is to indulge on just one meal a day.  Eat a light breakfast, have your favorites at lunchtime and end the day with a healthy dinner.

Get moving. Wherever you go, be active. I’ve actually had vacations during which I’ve lost weight even though I ate like nobody’s business.  It’s not because I’m naturally thin, but because I walked, swam and enjoyed doing things I don’t always get to do.  Just a few minutes of activity a day can improve your mood and increase your metabolism.

Don’t waste calories. Newsflash: a Big Mac has 540 calories no matter where you eat it.  Don’t waste valuable calories on food you can get anywhere.  Make smarter choices and you’ll still take pleasure in your meals.  Stick with those healthier foods you truly enjoy and sample the local cuisine.  Eating right makes us look and feel better.  Better yet, our clothes fit when we return!